Our Story


meet TOTI - a 100% natural rum that is perfect for sipping, and does some good at the same time.

We wanted to celebrate rum’s unique connection to the sea. So named our rum TOTI, the Creole word for “turtle”, and decided that it should support marine conservation.

To make TOTI we bring together amazing rums from distilleries across the Caribbean, and painstakingly blend them into unique spirits that break down the barriers of established rum making traditions and burst with flavour.

Marine Conservation

Toti Rum is all about love for the seas, and truly it breaks our heart to see the sorry state of them right now.  We want Toti to be part of the solution and are proud to be donating 15% of our profits to marine conservation charities, protecting turtles and the seas they swim in. 

Our first charity partner are Sea Shepherd – the two projects we are specifically supporting is Sea Turtle Conservation in the Caribbean and Operation Ghostnet.

Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainable Rum

Our rum distillery must be one of the most eco-friendly in the world.  Forget about carbon-neutral – this place is actually carbon positive!!  The sugar cane that feeds the distillery grows all around it (reducing transport of raw materials) and the distillery itself is self-powered using milled sugar cane as carbon neutral bio-fuel.  Most amazingly - the CO2 produced as the sugar cane juice ferments is captured and bottled rather than escaping into the atmosphere.

The Label

Bio-degradable paper labels printed with environmentally friendly vegetable based inks, or ceramic ink screen print directly onto the bottle.

Cork Stopper

Our stoppers are glue-free, made from natural cork mixed with rubber.

Wax Dipped Seal

Every bottle of Toti Rum is finished by hand - with a traditional wax dipped seal

Environmentally Friendly Bottle

Our glass bottles are produced in the UK, very close to where Toti is bottled and are specially designed to be as green as possible.  They are lightweight (at 489g they use a third less glass than is normal) and are made from 60% recycled glass, all of which is sourced from the UK.  Whoop Whoop!