Famous Five White Rum

Famous Five is a multi-island “best-of-both-worlds” master-blend of the two main rum making traditions; fresh, grassy, vegetal “Agricole” rum and rich, complex, aromatic Molasses rum.Our unique blend is sourced from distilleries in Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, Guyana & The Dominican Republic - our Famous Five!

Just over half of Toti Famous Five White is a wonderfully fresh, single estate, “Agricole” rum from the Dominican Republic. The first step in producing this rum is the harvesting of sun-ripened sugarcane from the fields all around the distillery. The freshly cut sugarcane is run through mangles to cold-press its sweet vegetal juice. This juice is fermenting using local yeasts to produce an 8% alcoholic “wash”. This wash is then distilled in column stills to concentrate the alcohol, finally producing an 80% overproof agricole rum.

The aromatic, funky elements in Famous Five come from the other key element in the Toti blend – unaged molasses rum. Molasses is produced by boiling down pressed sugar cane juice, The juice is boiled three times, at each boiling sugar crystals are removed and what is left is a hugely aromatic, mineral rich, treacly liquid called molasses. This liquid is mixed with water and fermented to produce an alcoholic wash of 7% alcohol. This wash is then distilled to produce spirit.

Toti uses six different styles of molasses rum from six different distilleries in its rum blend. From Jamaica we source three highly complex aromatic rums that are produced in centuries old distilleries using centuries old yeast cultures and time honoured traditional methods. Dryness and minerality comes from lighter column still spirits from Barbados & Trinidad, whilst aromatic tanginess and fruit comes from the Demerara river in Guyana produced in a wooden Coffey Still.

The magic of Toti Rum is very much in its secret blend – masterminded by founder Mark Douglas Hill and Dutch rum maestro Hein Smit. The elements are blended at high strength and then cut to two classic bottling strengths of 38% & 42%. No sugar or additives are added after distillation.

On the nose – Famous Five is richly fragrant with prominent notes of banana, pineapple and vanilla. The taste is clean and fresh with notes of toffee, butterscotch and sweet vanilla. The finish is long and complex with hints of white pepper and fresh-cut grass.