Best Rum Gifts From Toti Rum - A Rum Gifting Guide

Best Rum Gifts From Toti Rum - A Rum Gifting Guide

In every family or friend group, there is always one person who loves to drink. If they enjoy rum, then this gift guide will be perfect for them. Rum presents are unique gifts, especially when they come from a distinctive source and brand. 

The best alcoholic drinks to give out as a gift are the ones that hold personality — that being on their complex flavours, bottle design, brand name or ethics. Selecting a memorable gift goes beyond a nice bottle of rum or any other spirit or liquor: You can choose to build gift sets that give personality to your present, enchanting every rum lover in your life and Toti Rum can provide just that.

For Rum Lovers

Rum is a complex spirit. Because it doesn't have many regulations regarding its production methods i.e. the ageing process, location, flavour additives and so on, so rum can cover a broad spectrum of flavours, textures and colours.

Rums can vary from a young and crystal-clear spirit to 12 years in the cask, where secondary flavours develop and darker colours appear. At Toti Rum, we work with two varieties of the spirit, both with exceptional taste and perfect for an environmentally friendly gift, no matter the occasion.

Cask Reserve Dark Rum

Our Cask Reserve Dark Rum is a blend of exquisite rums from different regions of the Caribbean. First, there's the 5-year 'agricole' rum from the Dominican Republic, extracted directly from the sugar cane juice, not the molasses, and distilled in pot stills to keep most of its original flavours intact. The rum is then aged inside using American bourbon barrels, developing secondary flavour notes under the humid climate of the Caribbean.

Adding to that, the stronger 'índustrial' rum, made with sugar cane molasses gives the spirit a more robust flavour profile. Toti sources six different rums to create the perfect blend, all coming from traditional and renowned distilleries across the Caribbean and are aged for three years inside American bourbon barrels. 

With some demerara rum and a tiny dose of bittersweet blackstrap molasses to elevate the flavours inside the bottle, Toti has created a complex and unique dark rum with tropical notes of banana, mango, and even some vanilla and liquorice hints at the end. 

Famous Five White Rum 

Our other rum variety is the perfect blend between 'agricole' and 'industrial' rums across the Caribbean. It carries the sugar cane's freshness and the molasses' complex aromas. 

Much like the dark rum, half of the spirit comes from the Dominican Republic sugar-cane-based spirit. However, it is unaged and distilled in column stills, concentrating the alcohol. The other half of the Famous Five White Rum comes from pot-stilled, unaged molasses rum from different parts of the Caribbean, contributing to the complex flavours of the spirit. 

This secret blend allows the crystal-clear rum to carry notes of pineapple and vanilla, with a finishing touch of white pepper. 

Rum Gift Sets

If you are unsure of what kind of rum to get for your loved one, we suggest a rum gift set. Our Toti Dark & White Rum Double Pack includes both our dark and white varieties. That way, the special person you are gifting to can discover the best of both worlds and find their favourite Toti blend.

Rum For All Special Occasions

For cocktail and alcohol lovers, a bottle of rum can be the ideal gift, no matter the time of the year. Because of its broad spectrum of flavour and production, there is no such thing as too many rums in your spirit cabinet – each carries its unique aromas and complexity. 

Not only can rum make excellent birthday and Christmas gifts, but they can also be great valentines or wedding anniversary gifts. Bottles of rum can also work wonderfully as business gifts too — they are classy and fun but most importantly, memorable.

A Gift For A Charitable Cause

Here at Toti rum, we not only create quality rums but we also have a profound love for the sea. That's why gifting a Toti Rum bottle is also a great way to help save the ocean and the animals in it - we donate 15% of our profit to marine conservation charities like Sea Shepherd to help with their cause.


What also differentiates Toti Rum from other spirit brands is our commitment to sustainability, and our rum is already pretty sustainable. Our sugar cane grows around our distillery which means we don't need transportation, reducing our carbon footprint.

Unlike other distilleries, our sugar cane fermentation process doesn't release CO2 into the atmosphere. Instead, we bottle it. We take pride in being an ecological powerhouse - our mills also power the entire distillery by using sugarcane as biofuel. Our glass bottles are lightweight and made from 60% recycled glass, all sourced in the UK, where the rum is bottled, and all our corks and printed labels are non-toxic and made using natural materials.

We truly care about the health of our planet and believe we can enjoy the best parts of it with some delicious rum.

Our Merch

Aside from rum gift sets and boxes, you can also explore some add-ons from our merch which represent our love for the marine wildlife:

  • The Toti White Tee's cool design reflects our sustainability and marine conservation approach. Perfect for a casual day or a trip to the beach.
  • We also have a pin badge in the shape of the famous Toti Turtle – rock it on your backpack, rain jacket or bag, and let the world know you support our ethical causes.
  • Check out our water transfer tattoos featuring our logo.

The Best Rum Gifts From Toti Rum

Toti Rum is the perfect gift for the rum lovers in your life. Whether you choose a bottle of the Cask Reserve Dark Rum for a late-night casual sip, or the Famous Five White Rum for crafting creative cocktails, what matters is that your gift will be unique and delicious.   

By gifting our rums, you can help save the turtles and the ocean, all while sipping on one of the best rums in the UK.

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